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My patients have found Florida Health Care News to be very informative and educational. Additionally, it has guided many prospective patients to my office seeking the care that was described in the paper.”  Read More read more

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Florida Health Care News can help them do just that while helping your practice grow.

It's been said that "the shortest distance between two people is a story," with good reason: stories engage the emotions, mind, imagination, and spirit in a way that a simple presentation of facts cannot.

Which do you think prospective patients want to read: a laundry list of credentials, procedures, risks, and benefits?

Or success stories about people just like them, who came to you for help and found compassion, skill, and dedication in addressing their health and wellness issues?

Some practices say they built their initial success on the basis of the stories we presented to our readers. Some patients say they found the doctors and procedures that saved their lives in the patients' stories contained on our pages.

Here's what they have to say (select practices or patients).


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I was very impressed with the entire paper, it was like finding a gold mine of information. There was a description of the doctor, credentials, a history, before and after photographs - it covered so much.”  Read More read more

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